Monday, December 12, 2011

Thrice Rap

My Third Rap

The original track was created by Metaform and is called Bubblegum, from the album Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

Have a listen: ClIcKy CLICky

Light Beam

Back in the day we would head to the party scene

moon gleam house beam

lights blue red and green girls

on the attic level step to the wailing treble clef

big loose bouncing breasts arrest me, confess

see best on beer and L-S-D, and bets be clear, okay

ill let all twelve undress me but be careful down there

cause he gets testy! blear the beats and let the neighbors fear

that unless we, decide to waiver our attention span

toward the next beat, and onto the next street, and

unless I'm going home with this girlie,

we aint stopping earlier then early,

might as well join us cause the destination surly,

pack a bowl, steady soul condoles an ancient yearning,

line the cups, kiss the ball for good luck and throw it toward a stouty mush,

oh the line is getting heavy?

yeah well we don't really give a fuck,

I solemnly promise without your fancy strut,

cheer will bloom inside like you were a chia rug,


your only in my room to get a couple nugs

and as luck would have it

I need a few bucks to restock

the pbr and tomorrows lunch, swallow all that bitter stuff

persuading you your not enough

find a hobby, drug, ambition, mission, or a better stunt,

either way we know the way, three kegs and they pay, two more on Tuesday,

and that's the weeks beginning,

winning since the entire spectrum of education

is laced with potent living,

and at 21 receive a riveting rendition

of a tradition where modern man's young sits to listen, it goes

Manhood is now consisting of consistent pissing in arbitrary locations and wishing for a better vocation is just a persistent mind misfit curable with whatever's listed on the drug companies hit list. and listless, as you search for the mystic rest assured, your taxes cover big brothers attempt to kill your mind and craft another, perpetually preventing wonder and setting asunder your only true chance to satiate a primordial hunger. Until then enjoy the blunder, party hardy and always wear a rubber.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rap #2

I made another one.

Lonely Heresy

I go toe to toe like a busy body on everybody’s team,

and if it weren’t for the tryptamines that drift into my body during dreams

it would seem that deprivation from the in between

could color more explicitly the algorithm of the mystery,

and dissolve into history

the present tense a salty sea

hell bent and heavenly,

the paradox crafts a litany of disregard and seeming scars

the penitence on par with the bright white shining through,

it is you, and unlearning what you have learned will be your guru

in the openness and ecstasy and temperament to be a true fool,

sage soothe, why wait patience is a virtue

and in lieu of what we knew to be true its on cue

Manjushri has a sword of flame to tame a mewtwo

lurking deep inside a vein that courses blood to fangs

in an attempt to maim

drolling mental doctors who rebuke and claim and critically exclaim

without refrain you are clinically insane

the mistress of mischief

disaster on her midrift

hid the reason binding her to live without deciding our fate at a distance

and if you missed this let me repeat myself with two fists

one says punch drunk and the other bliss

I’ll let you choose which, switch, enough of this time

to write a hit, Crush the Alchemy was dear to me and

3 beats from heresy but I can amanita senoritas and still speak serious, gregarious

have no fear of getting lit or else youll burn up delirious quick

brick by heavy brick brick walls grow thick

and sieze the sun’s rifts from hitting perfect pitch,

stream to me in nano when your nerve ends twitch

so I can sample their displacement with a fibbonoci sequence,

the reason? To teach a lesson spanning seasons,

a king received a golden right that said this too shall pass

and freely gave away his mass, and every last chance

hysteria his more complacent half, adjacent to his laugh

because its funny how it is funny,

something’s gotta give so we can stay nutty,

and strip this silly city garb to nothing, and get lost in OM

It plays my heart’s string

encompassing illusory dream founded in everything,

Mara I denounce you as my beauty queen cause

I’m a solitary stolid seeker searching for the real thing, my self and what it doesn’t mean

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comrades, I've had a startling thought.

What if the only thing achieved by "wish pokemon were real day" is the mass unlocking of every zoo's cage, every pet's collar, every wild animal's self awareness... a factory of fear and carnage.

I don't mean so sound subversive, but take a look at this lady.

Utter mayhem... The article tells us that comrades "threw their cages open and commited suicide in what may have been one last act of spite against his nighbors and police."

Let us face reality comrades, these prophets had faith in the coming pokeworld. Their family and neighbors refused to admit the very heavy reality of WPWR day, treating it as a farce, or a simple fairy tale. These WPWR beleivers gave us all a warning of what is to come. Do not allow their deaths to have been in vain.

If you choose to wish, be sure to do it safely. Have pokeball in hand and be ready to catch those that are close or seem dangerous. If not for yours, then for my sake.

I cannot afford pokeballs. <---- this dapper bug cathcer doesnt even allow returns.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Off the Record

I’m probably a few threads away from entering a deep Samadhi state.

I’m very close to hopping on a series of trains and traveling to Oaxaca Mexico.

I’m in the mood to dethrone my political and economic leaders and hold auction for the title of ruler, sold to the most interesting bidder.

I’m wrapped, in a series of thoughts that keep returning to the same blank-less stare.

In a few moments I will sully my chances to observe a traditional “ego sacrifice.”

I am breathing. I am breathing.

I am alone on my island

that is surrounded

by countless other lonely islands.





most of the time that I keep my mouth shut.

I will move forward and spend much time in the past. I climb stairways only to forget multiple items that I had meant to bring with me. I traverse fields at night and try my utmost to remain pragmatic regarding lurking monsters and hatted figures.

I’m already altered. I’m in no need of power and greedily seize most that is handed to me.

Eight years from now, my lover and I are riding on the back of elephants for the second time and naming them.

Eight years from tomorrow I discover a better way to wipe my ass hole, and my children never know anything of the first method.

Eight years from yesterday I am still pretending in my head that I am a ronin, and I am still intentionally getting lost in forest preserves.

Eight years from two years ago today, I am able to grow a proper mustache to accompany my beard. Eight years from tonight I am reminding myself that love is what matters.

Seven years from now I will plan an adventure to Sao Paolo Brazil that will have to be postponed.

Six years from now I will be taking the last warm swig of a 1 day old Miller High Life (champaign of beer).

Five years from now I won't be invited to my friend Andrew’s going away party.

Four years from now I’ll be too lazy to refill my water glass even though I’ll be thirsty.

Three years from now I’ll know 5 digits of the Fibonacci sequence

Two years from now I will dream of being taken against my will to stand vigil over a cosmic body of my choosing.

One year from now I’ll be imagining how my life would have unfolded had I never ingested any sort of tryptamine.

I like how it’s always a fucking mystery with this guy, you know, life. I like how we trick ourselves into believing our tricks. I love how the ride comes from nowhere and returns. I love that nothing makes any sense.

I am glad I am human and not something worse.

Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om


Addendum 3: I would like to alter this space-time so that humans have wings, and that all devices meant explicitly for war were never invented except broad swords and wakizashis and Crocodile Dundee Gigantic Hunting Knives, because close ranged winged battles are just so much more gentlemanly than long range missiles.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crush the Alchemy

So, I wrote a rap and layered it with an amazing track by an artist named Metaform. The original piece is called 'Crush' and is from, in my opinion, his best album, 'On the Shoulders of Giants.'

I named it 'Crush the Alchemy.'

Let me know what you think!

Below are the lyrics:

break beats and melodies streaming right in front of me

my eyes the hieroglyphic treble clef translate topography,

and honestly, without a beat

at 23,

I can free a stanza of its syntax and still be 120 b-

pm, the night threatens to never end,

it’ll lend some labor toward the sky

and we can start again,

pretend it all depends on how you tend to make friends

and count the third as real since the pineal still has a lens,


the jetty eddy in a stream full and steady,

mystical and mythical I know that they’ll let me,

grab a mic and stay tight under the spotlight

fixed on my flow, you know that everything will be alright

My centerfold is six fold, too bold, stars glow,

truth be told its all soul,

trees bend don’t mend

even nature can’t ignore this shit...

paralytic rhetoric rapidly rolling off his quick lip,

he’s hip,

and pays close attention

to them others rapping but he stays in the back laughing

picking up his ego cuz he threw it in the trash bin

quasi holy with a bit of sin, he’ll always win

Get him pinned and you’ll put him in attack mode

consciousness expansion the objective

not given a shiny shit the goal, yo,

welcome to my strong hold

a hole filled with meta anticipatory strong joe

spiked with jolly molly augmented espresso

its gold

meaning that I’m hype from the get go,

ladies and gentlemen please let go of your halos

and find the meaning

of the supersonic hyperbolic metatronic payload,

only far away cause you proclaim so,

I’m only here to bring you closer so you may know

the drift pinch is a cinch that you don’t have to

k-hole to be shown.

so get blown, or hone your skills

just keep in mind, its life that kills

who was it catching blind daily grind to pay the bills?

who was it perma-gathering chills and frills?

you, the entity you dream will ensue beyond the death hue

what a damn fool,

and everything and everyone and every place you think you knew,

yeah well me too!

so even though I’m almost outta body

spit these lyrics knotty knuckled fists

with more power than Gatti with a triple shotty,

hotty with the body let me meet ya

I can make ya naughty any party

with a proper beat and getting real rowdy

call me if you’re looking for a fan

of the fun fodder, flows that go boom boom

and range from hot to bothered,

if you want it louder

introduce ya to my megaphone

and call reptilians to beam me up

and leave my world alone!

my theta waves are universally known,

and university grown,

stardom a stones throw from being a dead zone,

on a mission from annihilation

to have my break beats shown

and crooked beats evolve to satiation

the soul,


you may remember me,

I’m called your inner enemy

shape and form identical to third eye physiology,

its all in me, the history and present tense

its got to be without a doubt the alchemy of love

and staying free,

now, take eternity and find a seat beneath

the bodhi tree.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Will Work 4 Soul

So I went applying for jobs today. The first restaurant I went to is called Wildfire. It's pretty upscale and has been alive for 8 years. Lots of business and high prices; just what I'm looking for.

I take a seat in the bar area to fill out my application and notice that directly in front of my nose on the table is a dead, upside down rolly polly.

I do what any sensible primate does when faced with this predicament; I poked the rolly polly to test its level of dead. As my pointer finger made quasi-gross contact and spun the bug on its shell 180 degrees like a handicap break dancer, it began to squirm.

Laying atop my table was a live, upside down, squirming rolly polly. I brushed it onto the floor just as the manager came to check on me. I was tempted to impromptu add 'exterminator' to my previous job experience.

How did that rolly polly get there? Why was it upside down?

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Wax Tailor, a name you may or may not have ever heard before.

Check him out either way-

Here, take these, quick! Pills-Magics-Soups-Somas

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Forgo Stargaze

I don’t know what I’m doing here. Or any of us for that matter.

I don’t truly feel that any time has elapsed since birth. I have memories, yes, but that does not imply that any time has elapsed. ‘Time is relative.’ I think enough people understand this mathematically or have experienced this that its well hammered into our heads enough to take it for granted, which is a sure sign that something is true. But this means that the entire Universe could very well be a moment long, or just as likely an eternity… an eternal moment??

So it feels as though no time has passed in all my life.

When I think ‘how long does it feel since you were 10’ I think 10 minutes at most, not much. And ‘how long does it feel since I was last at work’ and I think a few hours, but how can that be. It’s all in your head bro. You made time up. I did that. I made up time to experience a journey. (you made that up)

So I don’t know what I’m doing here. Or any of us.

Dreams. That’s the unmade expereince. I didn’t make those. Who the hell is I??

I don’t know. I don’t even know where here is, and the here apparently doesn’t know who I is. But if I and here exist within a construct that is time or at very least contains time, does that imply that I and here are relative. Changing, only changing? And I thought time was made up by I anyway. Then that means I lives within I? I experiences I. Why?

Why is a delusion. Then how?

… and for how long- instantly forever. I can’t be anything more or less than myself and whatever capability that title contains. So I can only be I, and due to relativity, that means everything instantly forever.

Maybe not.

I hoped that by this time in my life I would have at least some beginning semblance of understanding of something, anything. I am still just as deeply notched in the labyrinth though. We thought we witnessed God, or some kind of truth. Delusions. Part of the labyrinth. Part of I.

Nothing wrong with delusions anyhow. No wrong or right. Life is a delusion.

The delusion.

Objectivity an imaginative farce. Mystery the only reality.

Actually enigmatic actuality.

In dreams.

These thoughts, these senses- waiting, or perhaps simply being- this eternal moment. Yugen.

"To watch the sun sink behind a flower clad hill. To wander on in a huge forest without thought of return. To stand upon the shore and gaze after a boat that disappears behind distant islands. To contemplate the flight of wild geese seen and lost among the clouds. And, subtle shadows of bamboo on bamboo."

What do these all have in common?

Maybe that’s the whole point. Yugen.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


A customer told me the other day "Americans are the hardest working people in the world! Take Europeans; in Europe people work to live, but here in good ol' Mamerica we live to work!"

He told me this with a level of pride and confidence not unlike The Brain.

Anyone else want to be European?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Power of Words

For over ten thousand years humans have used, depended on, and created different combinations of words and tones imbued with specific intention. These strings of syllables are known as mantra, and they have been known to be infinitely powerful in affecting ourselves and the world around us.

Mantra has been used to create a level of peace in ones surroundings, to alter the effects of certain harmful substances, to cure sickness, to reach deep levels of awareness, and as a tool to reach enlightenment. It can even be used to just plain old feel good.

Many practitioners of mantra/meditation recommend that one should stick to mantras that already exist and have already been chanted by millions of people throughout time. The reason for this is that everything in this world, including the world itself, contains a particular frequency, and that frequency has a direct effect on the frequency of ones consciousness, or awareness. The frequency a mantra that has been chanted throughout all of known human existence, by over billions of people, will be far more concrete as the intention and frequency of the mantra has been saved, restored, and resubmitted to the human collective consciousness so many times that its purpose and meaning is relatively more concrete than one created on the spot. How does the mantra "Love, Harmony, Peace," make you feel? And now, how does the mantra "lay down weapons" make you feel? The first, I am guessing, is a lot more direct and understandable in regards to its affect upon your awareness.

The reasoning also has to do with the fact that ancient Sanskrit, the tongue of many well known mantras, was created with the intention of affecting human thought and consciousness on a far deeper level than strictly communication. The effects of the language on the human form have been described as magical.

I can attest personally to this great power.

Mantra has always appealed to me far greater than any other form of meditation simply because the effects upon me were always the most noticeable. I can remember a time during my sophomore year of college, walking back to my apartment from class, I decided to chant my favorite mantra Om Mani Padme Hum aloud. I remember deciding I would not stop at least until I walked into my room. I was on the complete other side of campus so I had just over a mile to walk. As I began chanting, it took effort to remember to continue, to not be distracted by my surroundings, to not be distracted by my thoughts and the eyes of onlookers.

As I continued though, it became exponentially easier to chant with every step I took, to the point that the chant completely took over, and I was no longer the one doing the chanting, my body was doing it on its own. I was watching myself walk down the road, watching the ROTC doing war games, watching people of all shapes and sizes and colors hop onto buses or cross the street, and I was watching my mouth move as I heard my voice utter over and over, calmly and endlessly, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om.... I must have looked crazy my smile was so wide, my eyes stretched open, my heart spewing with compassion for every molecule in each blade of grass and every photon in each ray of sunlight. Everything around me took on a new level of beauty and complexity. The world became exciting, thrilling, wonderful! It felt like a trip, pure euphoria, and it was all due to the repetition of a few foreign words. Awe-some

And for those of us skeptics too lazy to try something before tearing it to pieces, there is scientific evidence of the effect that simple words have on ourselves and our environment. Dr. Emoto's work is, to say the least, revolutionary! Check this shit out: Clicky! Clicky! Clicky!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Teeth, Teeth, They're Good for Your Heart...

We all know how much dough dentists stack up due to the filth that builds up between our teeth. Shit ton! And you thought garbage men had it good!

Toothpaste is recommended to be used 2, 3, or even 4 times a day, which means it is being constantly absorbed into our bodies. Well check this out; glycerin, a main ingredient in most toothpastes found on the market, may be a major reason for the endless cavities plaguing society's cake hole. While many of the ingredients used by major toothpaste manufacturers are arguably completely negative to our biological system (with the exception of blessing our bacteria infested mouths with fresh, minty breath!) let's focus on glycerin.

Apparently, glycerin coats the teeth and does not allow the teeth to re-mineralize, strengthening the enamel of your teeth, and in turn making them look like polished pearls.

"Your tooth enamel is in a constant state of flux between- demineralizing and remineralizing. Although this process is microscopic on a daily level, a poor diet combined with poor dental hygiene can quite rapidly cause your enamel to weaken over months and eventually to cause decay with certainty over years."

The key? check out this site

Toothpaste I’ve just switched to: PASTED Glycerin free.

Now the next step is to make my own toothpaste, with; salt and baking soda 50/50 mixture, and adding hydrogen peroxide, that stuff your mom used to pour on your cuts that hurt worse than heartache!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Real Life Poetry!

My girlfriend is an amazing artist. Whether it be colored pencil, pastel, jewelry, or her most inspiring works, collages, I always find myself amazed by what she brings to life. Here is an homage to the Brahma within her.

Claire the Creator

She has a magic wand that has the power
to give even the whitest space color, to spread life and shadows
to a boring void, to give wholeness to emptiness.

She has the power inside of her to create
vast worlds filled with twists and surprises, and rock crevices
where light bounces emphatically from one ocher ridge
to another.

She has a mind with thoughts that torrent and
rush from synapses as vividly as the crystalline curves
of her eyes perceiving the magic they help to craft.

She has the poise of a goddess whose vision perches
in thoughts and whose charm and nature can be found in its creation;
technicolor transformations beginning with -blank- and
finding themselves upon walls evolved.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So much Space, So much Life

UFOs, aliens, de-materialization, anti-gravity, velocities beyond that of light; it's all incredibly interesting as well as a fantastic enigma. I've just finished watching a movie on Google Videos entitled UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied. It documents a myriad of possible evidence, physical and spoken, that sheds some light on the existence of extra-terrestrial life, as well as the knowledge the human race currently and historically has had of life beyond our little planet.

I think it's a bit naive and downright ignorant to think that out of all the infinite space that the cosmos entails, Earth is the only planet that harbors intelligent, let alone minimally complex life. The very thought that life would be so rare is ignorant in and of itself. Life is found everywhere on this planet, even places where, by definition, it shouldn't exist.

Did you know there are tiny organisms living in sulfuric acid within most limestone caves inside of the Earth? They even consume iron, and use the element as a building block for its cellular protein! How weird is that?? Very weird, which is exactly the point. Just because it's difficult to imagine a life form that doesn't breathe oxygen and isn't bound by the traditional hierarchical consumption of sunlight (the food chain) does not rule out its existence. Some life forms even redefine what we think of as normal geometry in life.

And check this: scientists have speculated that it is not out of the realm of possibility that Venus, a planet once thought of as inhospitable for life could in fact be teeming with it!

All it takes is a bit of imagination, and suddenly the Universe seems far less lonely, and a hell of a lot more active! What a shame that humans constrain themselves through their own egocentricity without even realizing they are in their own self constructed prison. The 'normal' human is, by definition, clinically insane, ie. unreasonable, due to their own lack of understanding and subsequent denial of their own lack of understanding.

There's one last subject I'd like to touch upon. In the documentary posted above, all of the people interviewed are either highly intelligent, are in extremely high places of knowledge and responsibility, have a great amount of experience on the subject which they are discussing, or a combination of all 3 (Examples: Brigadier General, former chief executive of NSC, Astrophysicist, varying classes of military, including black ops). It seems to me that what happens all of the time is that, the public is told one story, and some time later, an alternate version of that story is revealed. When this alternate version does not bode well for the security and/or trust of persons in high power/wealth, or when this alternate version is not in accordance with the 'truth' that the public has been previously fed, it is either denied, or attacked and labeled as lunacy, quackery, foolishness, crazy in the coconut talk!

It never fails to baffle me how strongly and vehemently people will choose voluntary ignorance over facing a hard to swallow truth. Perfect example: 9/11. The evidence claiming that it was an inside job is seemingly never ending. Hours upon hours of hard evidence along with 1000's of credible sources claim that it was a set up, and instead of investigating further, people choose to deny it instead. I can't even count the number of people that have spoken to me about 9/11 truth as bogus conspiracy. When I ask them very calmly, "one piece of evidence; how do you explain Tower 7, publicly filmed falling down on its own accord through controlled demolitions, never hit by terrorists, and admittedly never attacked yet still falling down?" they respond, "I choose not to believe that." That my friends, is called voluntary ignorance, and is the most vehement form of poison that exists, for it is self administered, and costs the lives of 1000's, probably more...

"The most important thing in life is to love and be loved." Definitely, and keeping an open mind makes you much lovelier than the alternative.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Music Marchathon

Contrary to popular belief, there is no law that states that good music needs to be filled with narcissistically obsessive lyrics regarding the supreme worth of the music creator, ie. the best in the business. Nor does music require a cliche poppy sound overlayed by sentiments of feeling like a plastic bag.

Of course, there isn't any specific criteria to define good music, but before you weigh down your audio device with 16 gigs of radio fluff, check this out!

It may be the politically correct way to poke fun at midgets, but Little People is also the name of a pretty dern amazing sound engineer. I stumbled across some of his tracks after suffering serious withdrawals from cutting myself off of listening to Pretty Lights on repeat. The creator of Little People, Laurent Clerc, describes his sound as 'downtempo instrumental hip hop with beats.' The sound is extremely similar to RjD2, and just as addictive. Lucky for all of us music pirates too used to downloading free discographies of all our favorite artists to flip a few bills for the sounds that enhance our lives, Clerc gives most of his stuff away for free.

So, lock your bedroom door, open the shades, strip down to your bare white winter skin, and start swinging those limbs to the beat. I know I will:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recent Reading

I've been reading a lot of sci-fi books lately, but not the typical star wars bang bang pshew beam me up whoa kind of sci fi, oh no! Books concerned with the Big Questions. Questions like: What constitutes self? What does eternity entail? Where did humanity come from and where is it going? Where did life
come from and where is it headed? Does free will exist? Is all of life truly relative? Is there a meaning? Is there a purpose? Are we truly separate from our surroundings? What is this...reality... that we attempt to conceptualize with limited senses and even more limited language? What is reality's limits? What is the self's limits? What is a limitation, and are there any? Why, for how long, and what the fuck is going on?!?!

This list could go on forever, literally. Instead, read some amazing stories, written so long ago, and yet still challenging the minds of Earth's wisest and most intelligent men and women. The greatest sci-fi writers, based upon the above criteria, are well known to be: Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, and Issac Assimov. If I had it my way, which I do in the world of my blog (sweet, sweet freedom!) I would also add Philip K. Dick to the list.

So, another deep question: how about some examples of the recent stories by these amazing beings that I have read? The answer?!?!!?


Childhood's End, by Arthur C. Clarke
Stranger in a Strange Land, By Robert Heinlein
A Scanner Darkly, by Philip K Dick.
The End of Eternity, by Issac Assimov
The God's themselves, by Issac Assimov
Time Enough for Love, by Robert Heinlein
The Last Question, by Issac Assimov

I also just finished listening to the audio book Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson. Though not as philosophically deep, it is equally amazing!!

Hooray for literacy!!!

Domo Arigato Mr. Plan O' Extraveganzo: luminescent Sex

Hey, what a great idea! You can buy 15 glow stick bracelets from target for $1 (assuming everyone in your area hasn't already done so, driving supply so low that it forces speculators to compare a mere microgram of precious glowing liquid to the value of pure high phosphorous bat guano: (for those curious).

That's a pretty steep potential price, so I recommend everyone jump on this idea pronto. Let me lay it out for you:

  1. You spend anywhere from $2-$4 on glowsticks, whatever fits your price range. Just so you can get an idea of the value we are talking about here, $118.20, the average yearly salary in Sierra Leone ( will get ya 1773 glow sticks, which would last the average Luminescent Sexer a month.
  2. Rip and tear the clothes off of your lover like a rabid mongoose doing its best to remain polite at a dinner party intended solely for the worlds most wealthy snakes-- S S S S S
  3. Once you are both bare and immodest (orgies and solo masturbation work as well), begin strapping on glowsticks to each others ankles, wrists, thighs, waist, neck, forehead, or wherever else your mind may wander. Note: the more creative, the greater the fun!!
  4. Turn on some Daft Pank.
  5. Sexy Time!!! (sexy time will differ from sexer to sexer)
And there you have it. Follow these guidelines, and find out for yourself why the craze is
growing so rapidly! You'll be a glowing in no time, all the time!

Note: Wearing Daft Punk helmets during intercourse will always increase intimacy, regardless
of luminescence.

In The Beginning

I started this blog as a place to post absolutely anything and everything that I feel inspired to share. Poetry, news, opinions, facts, humor... no matter what it may be, my ultimate goal for this blog is to refrain from goals, and in doing so steer completely clear of any inhibition or restriction, even by my own subconscious doing.

So, here goes everything and anything!