Monday, December 12, 2011

Thrice Rap

My Third Rap

The original track was created by Metaform and is called Bubblegum, from the album Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

Have a listen: ClIcKy CLICky

Light Beam

Back in the day we would head to the party scene

moon gleam house beam

lights blue red and green girls

on the attic level step to the wailing treble clef

big loose bouncing breasts arrest me, confess

see best on beer and L-S-D, and bets be clear, okay

ill let all twelve undress me but be careful down there

cause he gets testy! blear the beats and let the neighbors fear

that unless we, decide to waiver our attention span

toward the next beat, and onto the next street, and

unless I'm going home with this girlie,

we aint stopping earlier then early,

might as well join us cause the destination surly,

pack a bowl, steady soul condoles an ancient yearning,

line the cups, kiss the ball for good luck and throw it toward a stouty mush,

oh the line is getting heavy?

yeah well we don't really give a fuck,

I solemnly promise without your fancy strut,

cheer will bloom inside like you were a chia rug,


your only in my room to get a couple nugs

and as luck would have it

I need a few bucks to restock

the pbr and tomorrows lunch, swallow all that bitter stuff

persuading you your not enough

find a hobby, drug, ambition, mission, or a better stunt,

either way we know the way, three kegs and they pay, two more on Tuesday,

and that's the weeks beginning,

winning since the entire spectrum of education

is laced with potent living,

and at 21 receive a riveting rendition

of a tradition where modern man's young sits to listen, it goes

Manhood is now consisting of consistent pissing in arbitrary locations and wishing for a better vocation is just a persistent mind misfit curable with whatever's listed on the drug companies hit list. and listless, as you search for the mystic rest assured, your taxes cover big brothers attempt to kill your mind and craft another, perpetually preventing wonder and setting asunder your only true chance to satiate a primordial hunger. Until then enjoy the blunder, party hardy and always wear a rubber.

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