Thursday, October 6, 2011

Will Work 4 Soul

So I went applying for jobs today. The first restaurant I went to is called Wildfire. It's pretty upscale and has been alive for 8 years. Lots of business and high prices; just what I'm looking for.

I take a seat in the bar area to fill out my application and notice that directly in front of my nose on the table is a dead, upside down rolly polly.

I do what any sensible primate does when faced with this predicament; I poked the rolly polly to test its level of dead. As my pointer finger made quasi-gross contact and spun the bug on its shell 180 degrees like a handicap break dancer, it began to squirm.

Laying atop my table was a live, upside down, squirming rolly polly. I brushed it onto the floor just as the manager came to check on me. I was tempted to impromptu add 'exterminator' to my previous job experience.

How did that rolly polly get there? Why was it upside down?

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