Sunday, April 3, 2011

Real Life Poetry!

My girlfriend is an amazing artist. Whether it be colored pencil, pastel, jewelry, or her most inspiring works, collages, I always find myself amazed by what she brings to life. Here is an homage to the Brahma within her.

Claire the Creator

She has a magic wand that has the power
to give even the whitest space color, to spread life and shadows
to a boring void, to give wholeness to emptiness.

She has the power inside of her to create
vast worlds filled with twists and surprises, and rock crevices
where light bounces emphatically from one ocher ridge
to another.

She has a mind with thoughts that torrent and
rush from synapses as vividly as the crystalline curves
of her eyes perceiving the magic they help to craft.

She has the poise of a goddess whose vision perches
in thoughts and whose charm and nature can be found in its creation;
technicolor transformations beginning with -blank- and
finding themselves upon walls evolved.