Sunday, March 27, 2011

So much Space, So much Life

UFOs, aliens, de-materialization, anti-gravity, velocities beyond that of light; it's all incredibly interesting as well as a fantastic enigma. I've just finished watching a movie on Google Videos entitled UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied. It documents a myriad of possible evidence, physical and spoken, that sheds some light on the existence of extra-terrestrial life, as well as the knowledge the human race currently and historically has had of life beyond our little planet.

I think it's a bit naive and downright ignorant to think that out of all the infinite space that the cosmos entails, Earth is the only planet that harbors intelligent, let alone minimally complex life. The very thought that life would be so rare is ignorant in and of itself. Life is found everywhere on this planet, even places where, by definition, it shouldn't exist.

Did you know there are tiny organisms living in sulfuric acid within most limestone caves inside of the Earth? They even consume iron, and use the element as a building block for its cellular protein! How weird is that?? Very weird, which is exactly the point. Just because it's difficult to imagine a life form that doesn't breathe oxygen and isn't bound by the traditional hierarchical consumption of sunlight (the food chain) does not rule out its existence. Some life forms even redefine what we think of as normal geometry in life.

And check this: scientists have speculated that it is not out of the realm of possibility that Venus, a planet once thought of as inhospitable for life could in fact be teeming with it!

All it takes is a bit of imagination, and suddenly the Universe seems far less lonely, and a hell of a lot more active! What a shame that humans constrain themselves through their own egocentricity without even realizing they are in their own self constructed prison. The 'normal' human is, by definition, clinically insane, ie. unreasonable, due to their own lack of understanding and subsequent denial of their own lack of understanding.

There's one last subject I'd like to touch upon. In the documentary posted above, all of the people interviewed are either highly intelligent, are in extremely high places of knowledge and responsibility, have a great amount of experience on the subject which they are discussing, or a combination of all 3 (Examples: Brigadier General, former chief executive of NSC, Astrophysicist, varying classes of military, including black ops). It seems to me that what happens all of the time is that, the public is told one story, and some time later, an alternate version of that story is revealed. When this alternate version does not bode well for the security and/or trust of persons in high power/wealth, or when this alternate version is not in accordance with the 'truth' that the public has been previously fed, it is either denied, or attacked and labeled as lunacy, quackery, foolishness, crazy in the coconut talk!

It never fails to baffle me how strongly and vehemently people will choose voluntary ignorance over facing a hard to swallow truth. Perfect example: 9/11. The evidence claiming that it was an inside job is seemingly never ending. Hours upon hours of hard evidence along with 1000's of credible sources claim that it was a set up, and instead of investigating further, people choose to deny it instead. I can't even count the number of people that have spoken to me about 9/11 truth as bogus conspiracy. When I ask them very calmly, "one piece of evidence; how do you explain Tower 7, publicly filmed falling down on its own accord through controlled demolitions, never hit by terrorists, and admittedly never attacked yet still falling down?" they respond, "I choose not to believe that." That my friends, is called voluntary ignorance, and is the most vehement form of poison that exists, for it is self administered, and costs the lives of 1000's, probably more...

"The most important thing in life is to love and be loved." Definitely, and keeping an open mind makes you much lovelier than the alternative.

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