Friday, April 15, 2011

Teeth, Teeth, They're Good for Your Heart...

We all know how much dough dentists stack up due to the filth that builds up between our teeth. Shit ton! And you thought garbage men had it good!

Toothpaste is recommended to be used 2, 3, or even 4 times a day, which means it is being constantly absorbed into our bodies. Well check this out; glycerin, a main ingredient in most toothpastes found on the market, may be a major reason for the endless cavities plaguing society's cake hole. While many of the ingredients used by major toothpaste manufacturers are arguably completely negative to our biological system (with the exception of blessing our bacteria infested mouths with fresh, minty breath!) let's focus on glycerin.

Apparently, glycerin coats the teeth and does not allow the teeth to re-mineralize, strengthening the enamel of your teeth, and in turn making them look like polished pearls.

"Your tooth enamel is in a constant state of flux between- demineralizing and remineralizing. Although this process is microscopic on a daily level, a poor diet combined with poor dental hygiene can quite rapidly cause your enamel to weaken over months and eventually to cause decay with certainty over years."

The key? check out this site

Toothpaste I’ve just switched to: PASTED Glycerin free.

Now the next step is to make my own toothpaste, with; salt and baking soda 50/50 mixture, and adding hydrogen peroxide, that stuff your mom used to pour on your cuts that hurt worse than heartache!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Real Life Poetry!

My girlfriend is an amazing artist. Whether it be colored pencil, pastel, jewelry, or her most inspiring works, collages, I always find myself amazed by what she brings to life. Here is an homage to the Brahma within her.

Claire the Creator

She has a magic wand that has the power
to give even the whitest space color, to spread life and shadows
to a boring void, to give wholeness to emptiness.

She has the power inside of her to create
vast worlds filled with twists and surprises, and rock crevices
where light bounces emphatically from one ocher ridge
to another.

She has a mind with thoughts that torrent and
rush from synapses as vividly as the crystalline curves
of her eyes perceiving the magic they help to craft.

She has the poise of a goddess whose vision perches
in thoughts and whose charm and nature can be found in its creation;
technicolor transformations beginning with -blank- and
finding themselves upon walls evolved.