Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comrades, I've had a startling thought.

What if the only thing achieved by "wish pokemon were real day" is the mass unlocking of every zoo's cage, every pet's collar, every wild animal's self awareness... a factory of fear and carnage.

I don't mean so sound subversive, but take a look at this lady.

Utter mayhem... The article tells us that comrades "threw their cages open and commited suicide in what may have been one last act of spite against his nighbors and police."

Let us face reality comrades, these prophets had faith in the coming pokeworld. Their family and neighbors refused to admit the very heavy reality of WPWR day, treating it as a farce, or a simple fairy tale. These WPWR beleivers gave us all a warning of what is to come. Do not allow their deaths to have been in vain.

If you choose to wish, be sure to do it safely. Have pokeball in hand and be ready to catch those that are close or seem dangerous. If not for yours, then for my sake.

I cannot afford pokeballs. <---- this dapper bug cathcer doesnt even allow returns.


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