Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rap #2

I made another one.

Lonely Heresy

I go toe to toe like a busy body on everybody’s team,

and if it weren’t for the tryptamines that drift into my body during dreams

it would seem that deprivation from the in between

could color more explicitly the algorithm of the mystery,

and dissolve into history

the present tense a salty sea

hell bent and heavenly,

the paradox crafts a litany of disregard and seeming scars

the penitence on par with the bright white shining through,

it is you, and unlearning what you have learned will be your guru

in the openness and ecstasy and temperament to be a true fool,

sage soothe, why wait patience is a virtue

and in lieu of what we knew to be true its on cue

Manjushri has a sword of flame to tame a mewtwo

lurking deep inside a vein that courses blood to fangs

in an attempt to maim

drolling mental doctors who rebuke and claim and critically exclaim

without refrain you are clinically insane

the mistress of mischief

disaster on her midrift

hid the reason binding her to live without deciding our fate at a distance

and if you missed this let me repeat myself with two fists

one says punch drunk and the other bliss

I’ll let you choose which, switch, enough of this time

to write a hit, Crush the Alchemy was dear to me and

3 beats from heresy but I can amanita senoritas and still speak serious, gregarious

have no fear of getting lit or else youll burn up delirious quick

brick by heavy brick brick walls grow thick

and sieze the sun’s rifts from hitting perfect pitch,

stream to me in nano when your nerve ends twitch

so I can sample their displacement with a fibbonoci sequence,

the reason? To teach a lesson spanning seasons,

a king received a golden right that said this too shall pass

and freely gave away his mass, and every last chance

hysteria his more complacent half, adjacent to his laugh

because its funny how it is funny,

something’s gotta give so we can stay nutty,

and strip this silly city garb to nothing, and get lost in OM

It plays my heart’s string

encompassing illusory dream founded in everything,

Mara I denounce you as my beauty queen cause

I’m a solitary stolid seeker searching for the real thing, my self and what it doesn’t mean

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