Friday, March 25, 2011

Music Marchathon

Contrary to popular belief, there is no law that states that good music needs to be filled with narcissistically obsessive lyrics regarding the supreme worth of the music creator, ie. the best in the business. Nor does music require a cliche poppy sound overlayed by sentiments of feeling like a plastic bag.

Of course, there isn't any specific criteria to define good music, but before you weigh down your audio device with 16 gigs of radio fluff, check this out!

It may be the politically correct way to poke fun at midgets, but Little People is also the name of a pretty dern amazing sound engineer. I stumbled across some of his tracks after suffering serious withdrawals from cutting myself off of listening to Pretty Lights on repeat. The creator of Little People, Laurent Clerc, describes his sound as 'downtempo instrumental hip hop with beats.' The sound is extremely similar to RjD2, and just as addictive. Lucky for all of us music pirates too used to downloading free discographies of all our favorite artists to flip a few bills for the sounds that enhance our lives, Clerc gives most of his stuff away for free.

So, lock your bedroom door, open the shades, strip down to your bare white winter skin, and start swinging those limbs to the beat. I know I will:

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  1. These are such good links! How awesomely entertaining you are!