Friday, February 10, 2012

Gay as Hell

I just heard a really cool set of dialogue:

"If I were in charge of this country I would ban heterosexual marriage!"

"What? Why?"

"Because heteros breed too much. Gay men tend to adopt, and in an overcrowded world why would any reasonable person discourage them in any way!?"

Heh, never thought about that.

Also, gay marriage, animal marriage, lampshade marriage... who the fuck cares??

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Everything in our reality, including ourselves, is emitting, and is linked to a particular frequency, or vibration.

Here is a playlist my friend Jackson shared with me which has helped me and many others now in my life to alter our own brain's frequencies without having to succumb to the sometimes overarching ardor of certain types of yoga or meditation, especially in the instant gratification/downright lazy society that just about all of us are a part of herenow. One would be hard pressed to find an easier way to calm the mind and uplift one's consciousness.

No one and nothing will hand you the key to change your life, inside and out. You must do that yourself. You must be the key, and the door.

Jut let it play in the background, or meditate while listening, with or without headphones.

There are a ton of other tracks all over youtube and on the web as well. Search around, find which frequency makes you feel best. Observe your feelings, and take your time.

Give it a try. Expand, and grow.

Some initial reading for ya: 1, 2, 3