Sunday, April 22, 2012

Responsibility Response

While Claire and I were out to lunch today we saw something extraordinary.  If you are a server, or have ever worked in the restaurant industry you're going to love this one.

Beside us there was a young couple eating lunch with their little girl.  She was probably about two years old, was super cute, and couldn't stop staring and making faces at us foreigners heh.  We made faces right back at her! :)

The couple finished eating, and while the father took the daughter outside, the mother stayed behind.  Here's where things became awesome to the point of disbelief.  She actually grabbed some napkins, bent down, and cleaned up after her daughter, wiping the floor of crumbs and pieces of noodle. She didn't wipe up where she and her husband were sitting, as there was only an arbitrary piece of food or two.  She made sure to clean up after her daughter, completely.  She even did it with a smile.

There was a pile of food under that chair before she cleaned. 
Can you believe it my server friends?

A parent, doing the hardest and most painstaking duty; taking responsibility for their child.  What a big difference...


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