Friday, April 13, 2012

Please tell us we are wrong...

A very close friend of mine, a beautiful seeker and a madman, posted on his blog, asking anyone reading it a simple request, to tell him he is wrong. I would like to share his post here, and my responses, equally reminiscent of the same request. I want to share it because there are so many like us, hundreds of million, no billions, and there are only 7 billion humans on this planet. I am sharing because I don't care who comes up with the solution, who begins the rallying first, just let it be done. I will give all of myself, if that's what it takes, to that which strikes change and unveils our true potential out of the rubble pile that has amassed around us, creeping toward our heart, etching toward our breath.

Nothing else matters.

Of what good is the light if there is no one that can see it, if there is no one that cares to see it.


"Please tell me that I am wrong"

"this is what i realized. this is kind of a summation of what i believe about how this country is run and how it is never going to change. nothing around me is ever going to change because they same old fucking shit has been going on for fucking ages. nothing new has been done, thought or said in hundreds of years, really. this is how i see it:

we have no rights and we have no fucking choice in the matter. we are presented with distractions and smoke and mirrors that give us the illusion that we are in control, and safe and secure but really we have nothing at all. my rights could be stripped from me at any moment and there would be nothing i could do about it. what the fuck would i do if i was jailed and held without a right to a lawyer or due process or fucking anything on the grounds of “terrorism” or any other justification? nothing. i could do nothing. for this reason i feel like they dont exist.

i have no freedom of choice. miller lite or bud light is just about the only choice i really have. the “right” to vote (which i have presupposed to not exist because it is a right, if you can remember) is total fucking nonsense. politicians do not run this country, business interests do. the business interest controls the media, and the legal system. politicians are just the self serving turd sandwiches who get in the club by sucking the proverbial dick of the very wealthy. we are given the illusion of a choice to distract us from the fact that voting for any candidate will not do a damn thing. first of all, they do not give a shit about us. they are fucking wealthy, connected, will remain wealthy. business interest pays for their campaigns too. not only that, suppose a genuine, honest, altruistic candidate gets voted in. say that he is actually jesus christ and say he is the president; so he is an awesome dude in the highest political position (which does not hold the most power in this country). well fuck, the congress and the senate is still always gonna be filled with the same shit spewing douchebags and douchebaguettes and gridlock and bureaucracy will prevail in favor of the $$.

i am fucking angry and i cant do a fucking thing about it. this is why. i am not the only one who thinks this shit is fucked up. i am not the only one who is angry. but what can i fucking do? people believe what they are told, what they see. i dont blame them, the media has a profound affect on the way we perceive things (advertising is so fucking effective its fucking stupid). so many people just go along with it and will just go along with it because fuck it. they dont care and they dont see a problem. fuck them. there are plenty of people who are as angry as me. there have been millions of people who have lived and died, perhaps lived in much worse conditions than me but just fucking went along with it. in some years ill have a family, kids, responsibilities. i cant be risking my life, my livelihood, my career. and then theyll have me by the fucking balls cuz that will all be more important to me ya know? thats what happens man, thats what happens.

we need a revolution dude i am fucking telling you. things are just gonna get worse dude. we are gonna be stuck with shittier and shittier jobs under shittier and shittier condidtions and were gonna work all our lives till our fucking dicks fall off and then our pension will be gone. social security will be gone. the rich will get richer, thats the way it fucking goes; thats the perpetual nature of capitalism. they will yield more influence. we will continue to get fucked and fucked and fucked, and i wont give a shit. ill do what i need to, to get by. ill take the crumbs right off the table, if it gets me to the table to eat at all.

im not fucking special. im just a human being god dammit. FUCK

-angryman "

My responses:

1. "A guy named Elliot from Canada showed Claire and I around town around our apartment here. We went to dinner, and got on the discussion of the United States. He told us how boggling it is to Canadians that Americans don’t do anything about the hipocrysy going on in their own goverment. Mind boggling that you are thrown in prison for something like marijuana. The thing he was most mind blown about whas the fact that if you get hurt, or sick, you consider not going to the hospital, because it costs so much money. He doesn’t pay a cent for healthcare, not a cent. He said “hell, we go to the hospital when we’re fucking bored, but you guys, if you break your leg, unless you pay 6000 dollars a year for insurance, you’re totally fucked, and either way you’re totally fucked, because you still have to pay 6000 dollars for insurance whether you break your leg or not!”

For a seven night stay in the hospital here in korea, if you have pneumonia or something, for absolutley everything included, food, fluids, medicine, being there for 7 days, and top notch health care with superb technology, it would cost about 400 dollars, half of that being paid for by your employer. 200 dollars for all that. 200 for a 7 night stay. Insurance costs 3 percent of your total income, half paid for by your employer. So if you have 1.5 percent of your income taken out for health insurance, that 400 dollars is paid for, otherwise if you don’t have insurance, you pay,….. 400 dollars..

You’d pay tens of thousands in the wealthiest/strongest nation in the world. The kicker? The men and women who vote on this ridiculous health care system don’t have the same healthcare, theirs is much cheaper and far superior in quality! bahahaha!! It is disgusting and infuriating the way America treats its citizens, its own blood… they have tricked and trapped us.

Dude I just heard that it was just made public that citizens pay 400,000 a year in taxes to cover the cost of congresses personal barbers. We pay 400,000 a year so congress can get a fucking hair cut. Fuckers.

You are not wrong. Sadly, sadly…

You are right. We are not going to change the system. When we voted for Al Gore, what happened? There were like 7 recounts, and suddenly Bush won, and yet, if you look back at the final numbers for the popular vote, Al Gore still won. To this day, it is recorded that the people of the United States voted for Al Gore, and yet Bush was in office for how long? 8 years. Rated the worst president in the history of the United States and he was in office for how long? 8 years.

It didn’t make any sense that congress, up until only 3 weeks ago was legally allowed to practice insider trading!!! These fucking assholes voted many years ago that it is illegal for anyone but them to do insider trading. When this came to light a few weeks ago, and people started to cry hipocrysy, they made a new law: Congress cannot practice insider trading, but they are still allowed to buy and sell stock of the companies they pass laws on….???? That is the very definition of insider trading…!!?!!?!?! The fucking people ate it up. Issue resolved. Ignorant bastards!

This nation is the biggest drug cartel in the world. This nation allows gangs to exist, raping, killing, and inciting fear into its citizens every moment of their waking lives. This nation wages the most wars in the world. This nation has military bases in more countries than any other nation in the world. This nation spends more money on its military than it does on the well being of its citizens. This nation is fascist. This nation is hyperbolic hypocrisy incarnite. This nation is demonic. This nation beleives its own lies. This nation is utterly, schizophrenically psychotic. This nation’s backbone is constructed of prisons.

I cannot express to you how much more clearly I think and feel being outside of the US. Its energy is hampering, destructive, and merciless. Especially Illinois, a hub of poison and corruption, politically, agriculturally, culturally, economically, via traffic laws, via water sanitaiton regulation via all…

I feel so bad for its people. So bad. They are the very worst type of slave, one that beleives it has freedom.

People are afraid, AFRAID to go to the doctors when they have chest pain, because it might be nothing. If it is nothing, they just wasted their money. If it turns out to be something, they will be destroyed financialy. They are better off dead than losing everything they ever worked for. This nation is a grind, blind servitude, lies, disillusion. This capitalism has set asunder the soul of the land. It is long gone. Long gone. It is not coming back. It does not want to.

Vote all politicians out of office. Return to local governments. Sever the hand that feeds and feed ourselves.

You are not wrong. Somehow things got to this point. Somehow this is the reality that persists. You are not wrong.

Their lies and deciet do not end. Even in death, they will lie to their maker for a few more measley bucks to invest into death. They invest in sure things, and make sure their investments see returns.

you are not wrong. FUCK


2. ""

3. "bahahhahahha"

4. "It’s a circus. They are on top of the world. The make the rules for themselves and everyone else. And when everyone else doesn't like it, they make a rule that silences them.


Just vote, that’ll get the job done."

5. "we need a revolution… we have been usurped…"

6. "I can’t come up with anything…. We need a revolution, a political, economical, industrial, agricultural and total revolution, but I can’t figure out how to do it… Our species is stagnant and lagging horribly behind where we would be had we the power to throw away our reigns and buck our masters off our backs. The only thing I can come up with is personal changes (permanent alterations in diet (no processed foods/ vegetarianism), using a car only when absolutely necessary, taking food supply into my responsibility through indoor/outdoor gardening, permaculture, aquaculture, eventually moving and ditching the system that not only fails us, but tells us to sit down and shut up when we attempt to alter it, etc.), but my mind, pondering the future, cannot help but think it’s all just not enough. We are growing so rapidly as a species, our needs growing too, and the political/industrial megoliths are distorting that growth into something weak, handicapped, ignorant, and wasteful.

We have infinite potential, infinite. We have the information, the understanding, the power, the imagination. We have all the makings to be beings wrapped in strength and altruism, health and enlightenment, and it continues to be hampered by beings that never grew out of preschool playground politics, who constrict and tax the blood supply of their own consciousness, all consciousness here and now.

We can leave all of it in the past, rebuild properly, grow stronger and more illuminating from the ashes of our own burnt flesh… but I can’t figure out how DAMNIT! I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW….. It all depends on us, those aware, and I can’t figure it out…

There is a psychotic voice gnawing at the synapses of my struggling mind, laughing, and choking on its own bloody spittle, whispering that it’s too late, make your individual changes, be the change you want to see in the world, but it’s too late, we have run out of time…

That voice is me.

Please tell me that i am wrong"

I don't believe in doomsday theories, I don't believe in maybes, I don't believe in anything but here and now, and here and now, it all must change.

In Buddhist philosophy there exists three poisons of reality; greed, anger, and ignorance. The world is so saturated in all three.

Here and now, it all must change, we all must change, decide right now, to change. I will beg:


I reiterate, like a mantra.... TELL US WE ARE WRONG

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