Friday, August 17, 2012

New Blogs

I made a new blog!  It's devoted specifically to information ranging from philosophy, to politics, to science.

I'll still be updating Seekers Enclave, the blog you're looking at, but the posts will be more personal ie. poetry, pictures, adventure, and opinions.

I will also be creating a blog devoted to the science fiction reviews I do with more in depth information regarding the stories I review such as awards they have received, date of publication, interesting trivia, etc.

Claire and I will also be putting together a travel blog that documents the specifics of the traveling we do such as packing lists, do's and don'ts, maps, prices, recommendation, history, and pictures.  It will basically be a guide to make it easier for people to do their own traveling.  It will also help future travelers avoid the pitfalls we encounter.

Lastly, my buddy George is creating a website devoted to health, fitness, natural remedies, and healthy lifestyle choices.  I will also be contributing information and articles to that blog in my spare time.

I'll let you know how to see all of these blogs once they are created and finalized.  I'm very excited about all of this and wanted to share with you.

Thanks for taking a look.

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