Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mr E - Beet (Rap #4)

This is rap #4 of my homemade raps.

This is a rap that I made almost 6 months ago that I finally edited and finished up.  The beat is made by my buddy Keith Navoa, aka Stacion.


lame day, weak pay, weeks pay couldn't preserve my name sake,
9-5 just to reserve what they take,
For god's sake forsake gods they're all fake,
our solution evolving media, I do declare Wikipedia
source of facts non-fiction, depiction of her curvature the only
link that's missing,
next up is a special edition
of the mischief your missing
listen, and im'a christen these air waves
like stairways to heaven seven merry men
gather round my rhetoric screaming amen, pretend,
that you don't owe my mental den consisting of ryou and ken
one- the president's head
 silent and dead , irrelevant, Stacion and Mister E are sub urban sent,
and solely meant to keep your mind bent
in all of the right directions, this social section is where we hold elections
for the globes hardest erections,  hmmmm 
chose anarchy due to filibuster bullshit malarkey
and requests for endless pension, somebody stop these beat fiends arrest them
for causing cardiac arrest in less than half the rap population testing
these tunes with android cellphones and metronomes that only click
when left alone,  fully grown
we dwell in zones sanctioned for garden gnomes,
and roam near home with a fluid poem rolling of our bottom lip
quick tip, empty lungs and bottle it, allow it to ferment to fit
don't just sit there ,  harness hip hop hustle hissy fit,
sell that shit as sparklit
garnish roaring applause you get with redic rhymes writ as hits
holster on your hip all the extensive vocab that you can equip
never quit
no matter the stakes its worth every bit
every last moment,
as if a roman, open coliseum
moon glowing, crowd roaring
we spread  these beats to every single scene
and oversee hobbits
murdering dark kings, one ring to rule every mc seething, 
fangs lashed, and heart beating faster
anxious to meet with the caster,
the mage rapper,  inventory full with flow blasters
banned from scrabble, creation, and disaster,
if you want it faster collect some mental castor and pour on the up tempo plaster
and forever after we understand the everafter , my species please
only riddle me this,
the forgotten trick...
to remain insane
long enough to be your own master

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