Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sea Kayaking and Partial Snorkeling in Namhae, South Korea

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Here is a link to Claire's blog post about the same trip!  It contains more pictures!

A couple weeks ago Claire and I, with a group of friends and to be friends, took a trip to Namhae, an island near the city of Busan.

After arriving in a quaint rural area we were given some time to take a look around and get to know our surroundings.

Our first activity was sea kayaking in some pretty tumultuous water.  

There were several caves and inlets within the faces of the mountains.  Normally you are able to venture into them, but due to the violent water our guide warned us against it.  

Dragon Rock!


Next we went snorkeling, well, tried to snorkel.  We all ended up throwing our snorkels aside due to cloudy water.

It felt so refreshing to challenge the waves and just swim around! We also did a bit of cliff jumping, though I don't have any pictures.

Chilling after swimming around.  We had to wear water shoes due to the jagged rocks.  Breathe in those classy tans!

Rough Riders. 

We had some friend chicken and beer after an exhausting day.  

 Just enjoying a beautiful sunset...

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